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Allow evolution to continue...

Jackie J Beedie

How do you know someone is a vegan? They will tell you! This statement is an indication that vegans are not just people who do not eat or consume any product derived from an animal, but also consider themselves to be evangelists for the cause and will take every opportunity to criticise anyone who does use animal products, not just meat eaters but other vegetarians who drink milk and eat eggs and cheese.

The vegan’s argument is that we should not exploit animals in any way, shape or form.

This is all very well, but it starts from a position in evolution to which we could not have arrived at without eating and using animals.

Research has indicated that the human brain began a faster evolutionary growth when hunters started to kill and cook animals for food, and it took another spurt forward when hunter-gatherers were able to combine animal protein with grains and vegetables grown in managed plots.

So where would we be if we had never developed the concept of eating animal protein? Probably still living in mud huts watching the grass grow.

The argument that all animals are sentient beings and should not be killed for food is also a fallacy. If we did not eat animals then the vast majority of them would not be born and would never have experienced life no matter how short. Animals are given life for food.

It is all very well being an affluent middle-class eco-warrior declaiming modern life, but would you be in that position at all if it were not for the fact that your parents led a healthy lifestyle that involved eating animals.

In order to stay healthy vegans have to supplement the vitamins and minerals they do not get by buying expensive health food products.

Funnily you do not get many vegans amongst the poorer and less fortunate members of society since they can’t afford it. Rich white children tend to be the ones who bang on about this the most. Meanwhile in parts of Africa they have to kill monkeys to survive.

The human being is an omnivore and continuing down this route is the best way to continue to evolve as a species. We need to further evolve because the bodies we inhabit today are not perfect and susceptible to many diseases and ageing.

Despite advances in science and medicine, humans whose DNA mutates to create resistance to cancer and ageing will be the ones who survive the longest to provide these attributes to all.

Evolution is a continuing increase in strengths of the organism but it will be halted if we start to take steps backward in our diet and living conditions.

So please stop trying to reverse progress and appreciate that your freedom to choose what you eat and wear were won for you by people who had to eat and wear what they could.

If you do decide to become a vegan then please keep it to yourself. The rest of us do not want to know, we just want to eat our meat in peace.

Remember, “You can’t have any pudding, how can you have pudding when you haven’t eaten your meat.”

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