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Paediatrics and neonatology consultant joins RBH team


As the winter season has arrived it has brought with it cold and flu.

Doctors’ offices and emergency departments of hospitals line up with children at this time of year.

Here is some basic information on common winter illnesses and tips on how to survive this weather.

Contrary to popular belief, cold weather or being chilled does not cause a cold.

However, more colds do occur during the cold season (early fall to late winter) probably due to a variety of factors, including:

● Schools are in session, increasing the risk for exposure to the virus;

● People stay indoors more and are in closer proximity to each other;

● Low humidity causes dry nasal passages which are more susceptible to cold viruses.

A cold is caused by any one of several viruses that cause inflammation of the membranes that line the nose and throat which can result from any one of more than 200 different viruses.

Colds usually start two to three days after the virus enters the body and symptoms last from several days to several weeks.

Some ways to prevent and treatments that may help relieve the symptoms of common colds are:

● Proper hand washing and avoiding contact with children who have colds;

● Avoid touching the eyes and nose to avoid contamination;

● Adequate rest;

● Increased fluid intake;

● Pain relievers for headache or fever;

● Warm, salt water gargling for sore throat;

● Warm steam for congestion.

The Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) is pleased to announce the latest addition to their paediatric department with the joining of paediatrics and neonatology consultant Dr Deena Shakeeb.

Dr Shakeeb has more than 20 years of experience in the field of paediatrics and neonatology and focuses on extremely low birth weight premature babies, newborns and babies with medical and surgical conditions.

Her expertise also includes neonatal conventional, high-risk frequency ventilations, neonatal development follow-up and newborn screening and immunisation services.

To book your appointment with Dr Shakeeb, call RBH on 17246800, WhatsApp 32181810 or book your appointment and more at

You can now also download the RBH mobile application available on iOS and Android devices.

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