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    The Libra Sun and its link to prudent Saturn could be an opportunity to put distractions to one side, and focus on tying up any loose ends so you can forge ahead with the next stage of a plan. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount you need to accomplish, then a little planning might be wonderfully freeing. A relationship may prove compelling, but is it good for you Aries?

    You may have plans for this evening, but giving yourself a quiet space over the course of coming days, could reward you with important insights. If an issue has been on your mind, allowing some time to process through this matter might enable you to ease any anxiety and find a solution. If a romantic offer or social invite does appeal to you Taurus, it can coincide with a turning point.

    With lovely Venus dancing with Pluto in a more intense zone, you may feel a desire to get closer to someone, whether on a friendly or more romantic basis. These feelings could become more powerful, the more you dwell on them. Yet you can quickly lose interest in this person once you get to know them in more depth, Gemini. It might be a question of all or nothing in this instance.

    An alignment between lively Mars and innovative Jupiter, hints that an opportunity could sparkle with promise. Exciting news about something that can be to your advantage, might add an upbeat note to events. Feel attracted to someone? They may seem highly desirable, but would they or could they feel the same about you? It's best not to rush into anything on the off chance.
  • LEO

    Even though key aspects may inspire you to get involved with more serious issues, the Sun in your sector of talk and thought, can incline you to focus on more enjoyable activities. As Venus liaises with Pluto, you might feel a strong urge to grasp a lucrative opportunity which could be calling out to you Leo. As Mars continues to rewind though, be sure to read the small print.

    If someone shares your passion for a hobby or sport, it could bring you closer together. The alluring and compulsive alignment between Venus and Pluto, can find you more deeply attracted, especially if you enjoy talking about key issues in depth. While you may not be ready to talk about your feelings just yet, your body language might give a lot away Virgo.

    Is something brewing in secret Libra? With peacemaker Venus in a spiritual zone aligning with Pluto, you may be ready for a rendezvous back at your place with someone you might be developing feelings for. Worried your friends won't approve? This aspect can make you sensitive to criticism. You'll soon know when to spill the beans, or whether this isn't for you.

    Despite an encounter being rather formal, you could be drawn to this person in a rather intense way. Luscious Venus's potent tie to dominating Pluto, suggests you'll be keen to see more of them, even if there is no real reason to do so. Avoid seeming over eager, as if you are destined to meet again, you will do. A fleeting but exciting conversation, can also prove significant.

    Is it really worth attending an event? The Sun's lingering tie to sobering Saturn, can make it seem a chore, but there could be benefits too. A serious conversation may point to a chance of collaborating with someone. Even if there are a few challenges to overcome, this might lead to an arrangement that is productive Archer. Consider the pros and cons before you commit though.

    Captivated by someone from afar? A very tantalising aspect can find you and another caught up in a compelling relationship, which could be in person or even long-distance. You may be willing to develop this bond further, even if there are difficulties standing in the way. It is also possible that the fascination you feel might peak and then go out, so be prepared for this too.

    The powerful line-up in a private zone, encourages you to be honest with yourself, especially if you know that something has reached the end of the line. If you have been resisting doing anything about this for a while, it may now make sense to ring in the changes. Over the coming weeks, you will find you have more opportunities if you can let go of whatever no longer serves.

    With Mars rewinding, taking stock of your talents could leave you with the realization that you have more going for you than you thought. If a skill has been underused, then it may be someone else who points this out to you, and encourages you to do something about it. Believe them, as a dynamic Venus/Pluto tie suggests they aren't saying this as a joke, but to encourage you onward.

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