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    Attending to responsibilities could make up the bulk of your day. Duty calls, so you may need to knuckle down and get on with it. As asteroid Pallas links to Pluto, you might be reminded of something that needs taking care of urgently. Get to it right away Aries, as with sparkling influences encouraging you to connect with friends, you'll be ready for a chance to catch-up.

    The Sun's link to Pluto, can be an excellent opportunity to get rid of whatever is getting in your way Taurus. This may include decluttering your office and workspace, which could be wise if those paper piles are building up. While this influence might encourage big decisions, getting rid of unwanted things can be one of the better choices you make, leaving you with far more energy.

    Despite any offers for loans or credit, which could be enticing, having sobering Saturn in reverse encourages you to handle financial matters conservatively. This aspect can be very useful for purchasing big-ticket items too Gemini. You may be ready to look around for the best deals, and to spend time reading reviews before you take the plunge and make that buying decision.

    An awkward blend of energies suggests that someone close to you may need reassurance or perhaps a few words of advice. If a friend or loved one shows signs of needing a chat, then your input could make all the difference. Something you say can provide much needed inspiration and be the reason that they feel better for talking, and enabling them to let go of a burden Cancer.
  • LEO

    The urge to make progress with an important project, can see you connecting with someone who has the discipline and the necessary knowhow to bring it along faster. While it may be tempting to micromanage aspects of this, stepping back and giving them a free hand might lead to results that you hadn't anticipated Leo. With your creative sparkle in the mix, it could go very well.

    You may know what you want, but admitting how ambitious you are might be another matter if you feel embarrassed about it. Even so, the coming days can see you zeroing in on your goal anyway Virgo, as the possibilities associated with it become more enticing. Shake off any reservations and research your options so that you have a sound foundation to start with.

    There are times when you appreciate other people being in the driver's seat, and this might be one of them. A very potent influence could bring you into contact with someone who can seem determined to get results. Handing the reins over to them may be quite a relief, especially if it leaves you time to focus on other things that are more suited to you and more enjoyable, Libra.

    Taking the time to deal with a setback or disappointment can be beneficial Scorpio, even though you might prefer to put it behind you. By exploring any awkward feelings associated with this matter and fully accepting them, it becomes easier to let go. If you push powerful emotions deeper within you then the opposite could happen, in that this issue may never fully go away.

    Getting a relationship issue out into the open could be helpful if it's been on your mind for a while. With the illuminating sun in an intense zone, handling this in the right way may be crucial to the future of a friendship or romantic bond troubled by misunderstandings. It might be a difference of values or perspective that is causing this, but a discussion could encourage a positive solution.

    Sentimental feelings may have a way of making the past seem rosier than it was, and this can distort your perception of a key event. The current intense links encourage you not to gloss over issues that have contributed to any current setbacks. If your feelings are coming to the boil and something has really irked you, then it is better to openly resolve it than deny it, Capricorn.

    An edgy and emotional focus may see you giving up on a difficult situation. Think again though, as a solution could be within reach. A proactive approach can see you rising to the challenge and making great progress. You might turn a worrying or insurmountable issue into one that fills you with satisfaction, when you think about how you overcame the odds Aquarius.

    You may be having second thoughts about a goal that has been central to your plans for some time. With powerful Pluto aspects on the go though, someone might try to talk you around. You could get a lot of help and advice from others who are keen to see you succeed. Engaging with your goal Pisces, may see your passion for it returning over the coming weeks and months.

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