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    Don't be afraid to try something different Aries, as this can be a good time to explore new ways to enhance your income and invest in your ideas. Have an underused talent? It may be time to put it to work. And you could find that creative or money-making ideas show up in your dreams, or as a powerful intuitive nudge that can propel you forward, if you are prepared to listen to them.

    You may be drawn to information that gives new perspectives on life and on the opportunities available. This weekend can be exciting for so many reasons, but mainly because an encounter or conversation reveals exciting possibilities. You don't need to act on them right away, just enjoy the feeling of liberation that comes from considering what is in store for you if you go for it.

    Something may be stirring within you that is encouraging you to express a unique quality or skill that you may have kept hidden until now. You could doubt yourself and fear the reaction you'll get. However, the coming days bring a wonderful opportunity to candidly promote your abilities. And rather than feel rejected, you may be surprised at how enthusiastic others are about this.

    With the Moon in your friendship zone you may feel it is wise to stay quiet and go along with others' plans. Do you really want to though? If not, it may be down to listening to a different drumbeat that could be taking you in a direction quite different to that of your friends or social circle. This won't isolate you Cancer, and you might even find that where you go others follow.
  • LEO

    A lively blend of energies encourages you to promote yourself in your own creative way to emphasize your unique qualities. If it is becoming difficult to toe the line regarding what is expected of you in a career or business situation, there may be a way around it. You don't have to be a total rebel, as small tweaks can bring a touch of individuality to your current image.

    You may feel as though you are being downloaded with exciting ideas which can keep you busy. You could be keen Virgo, but your thinking might also be faster than usual which could leave you a tad overwhelmed. Look into those that truly excite you and consider booking yourself a soothing massage to help you relax. Doing so might help you review your options in a calmer way.

    It can seem that you are the only person who has a particular issue. Is it really unique to you though? If you're willing to reach out and talk this over with others, you may find it is more common than you thought. Sharing your experiences might bring insights and solutions that you may not have considered otherwise. And the resulting friendships could prove very supportive.

    Keen to connect? You are capable of coming up with some deeply interesting topics of conversation to keep others interested. But this can apply to whoever you need to interact with. And equally, you could be bowled over by someone's line of patter. There is a touch of genius in the air, and this can support the brainstorming of ideas and some highly original chat-up lines.

    Ready for a breakthrough? The coming days can see you making great strides regarding lifestyle options. The trick is not to dismiss anything that seems out of the ordinary, as it could be very beneficial to you. With lively Mercury continuing to regress, someone from the past could show up who has changed for the better, and who is prepared to share their secrets with you Archer.

    Opportunities as well as romance, can show up in the strangest of circumstances. And trying something different may have a very positive influence on your life. Seeds may be planted that will blossom over coming weeks and months, and that might enable you to channel abilities and ideas that have lain dormant for too long. They could be appreciated far more than you think.

    A brilliant idea for raising extra money could come out of the blue, especially if you need it for a purchase or a project. It might involve offering a service or selling unwanted items. Other flashes of inspiration could also help you resolve household issues that have bugged you for some while. In need of some downtime? The Taurus Moon encourages a little self-care to help you recharge.

    If you've been wanting to suggest something but haven't dared to, then go ahead anyway Pisces. The coming days may be perfect for bringing an element of surprise into key conversations and being open to the unexpected, should it come your way. You may find others far less judgemental than you thought they would be, and that the act of not censoring yourself might be very liberating.

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